Monday, September 10, 2007

Flat-rate socialism

Confederate Yankee and Hot Air nominate Osama bin Laden as a Socialist icon in that he

- claims that Democrats in Congress have failed to listen to the will of the American people to stop the Iraq War by surrendering?
- claims that we're sacrificing the blood of American soldiers for the greed of corporations?
- considers Noam Chomsky one of the West's greatest thinkers?
- thinks that the news media are right-wing tools, loyal to an empire-hungry dictator?
- still uses the worn-out "no blood for oil" argument?
- blames America for global warming?
- loathes capitalism, and thinks we are just pawns to a creeping globalism?

He doesn't press all of the buttons of the left, but the ones above should be more than enough. One minor faux pas, however: tax. Flat-rate - 2.5%! (p7 on the transcript of his latest). This man is going to be buried in support soon.

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