Thursday, September 20, 2007

Drama at the Appeals Court in Paris

From Nidra Poller at PJM.

The judges return and report their decision on the question in suspense. The expertise. The raw footage. They want it. They will not go forward until they have seen it. Maître Amblard drops her pencil. She is sincerely stunned.

Finally she mutters, “If the court orders my client to produce the footage…of course…but I don’t know where it is.”

Karesenty wants Sarkozy in on it.

“France 2 is owned by the French state, which is headed by Sarkozy. He has the power to ask for those images, and have them scrutinized by experts around the world. I now call on Sarkozy to ask for the footage… it’s time for French president to tell the truth,” Karsenty declared.

France2 have until the 3rd of October to hand it over, with the next hearing, and the viewing, scheduled for the 14th Of November.

There's more at Augean Stables.

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