Thursday, April 20, 2006

With agnostics, atheists and heathens

Is it blogging under false pretences to fish out as old a document as this one? Surely not.

Anyway, I came across the results of the last census (2001), the only notable item of which for me was what I wrote in the box: Religion. I looked for myself in this table.

Nothing. So I read the summary beneath, and, to my chagrin, found that I had been lumped together with a sizeable percentage of the population perceived as without religious identity.

About sixteen per cent of the UK population stated that they had no religion. This category included agnostics, atheists, heathens and those who wrote Jedi Knight.
They put me with agnostics, atheists and heathens! (Heathens? There are people who call themselves 'heathens'? As in, non-christian? But that's also Muslims, Hindus, etc. No matter. I don't want to know.)

I learn from another page that there are 390,000 of us. That's what I would call a considerable demographic. One that you wouldn't want to offend. Especially if you weigh for just a moment the power of the Force.

Or could it be that this insulting dismissal was nothing more than their spiteful response to 390,000 people saying, "My religion is none of the your business"?


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