Friday, April 28, 2006

Not enough dead in Iraq

In brief. Iraq Body Count is a group of volunteers lead by anti-war activist Professor John Sloboda. They do what their title says, count the bodies. He says he set up the site in 2003 as he was sure the occupying forces would not be keeping track of the number of Iraqi civilians killed. They have until recently been much quoted by anti-war activists concerned that the official media was not to be trusted.

Things move on. In the time-honoured manner of the left (spit most vitriol not on the right, but on those left-wingers not quite as radical as you), IBC is now being attacked by John Pilger and an organisation he commends, Media Lens. Sloboda's project is accused of vastly underestimating the number of deaths and of "handing a propaganda tool to the pro-war camp". The criticism doesn't stop at that (it never does - they just have to hurl fulminations) IBC is also "aiding and abetting war crimes".

Something must be going right in Iraq if the hysterics are knifiing their own.

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The Fanonite said...

This argument never fails to impress me. If an adversary is criticizing you, you must be doing something right. So lets say you were eating your own excrement, and I, as a 'leftist', were to criticize you -- you must be doing something right. But as you are only consuming -- and recycling -- other's malodorous discharges, I'll step back insted, restrain my revulsion, and enjoy the modest amusement this spectacle affords me.

NoolaBeulah said...

What I wrote was not so much an argument as gloating. I wasn't eating the shit - Iraq Body Count was doing it and Pilger was complaining that it didn't smell enough. Not only that, but its inadequate malodorousness was tantamount to "aiding and abetting war crimes". The usual hysteria - not exactly funny, but wearingly amusing.