Friday, April 07, 2006

Burlusconi starts a new movement

You've got to hand it to him. Mister B, as he's known to his victims (Italians). He manages to do all by himself and without even thinking what every populist politician pays millions to do: put words into people's mouths.

In case you missed it, he said last Tuesday,

I've got too high an opinion of Italians' intelligence to believe that there could be so many cockheads ready to vote against their own interests.
(That is, vote against him.) The word he used was coglioni, literally 'testicles', but applied far more frequently as an insult.

Within minutes, there was a blog up entitled sonouncoglione ('I'm a cockhead') though which a new movement was born. They gathered yesterday in Rome, and 8 other cities and staged a sort of 'Cockhead Pride' march.

He is desperate. The polls continue to say the wrong thing. So what a Ruler do when people insist on saying what he doesn't want to hear? He asks other people. Deep in the night, pollsters abed, he went where only the lonely go. Heartbreak Hotel? No. A chatline. He asked, Excuse me, miss, who will you vote for on the 10th of April? The results: 7 out of 9 for U-No-Hu. And the other two were not going to vote for Prodi; they couldn't have cared less who won. Now why didn't the pollsters think of doing that?

Berlusconi has closed the electoral campaign in Naples resoundingly. (Article in Italian)
Be sure that on Monday we'll win because we're not cockheads.

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