Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Volunteer sector flourishes in Iran

Lovers of History and of the connections that link events years apart will find this image as intellectually satisfying as it is heart-warming.

Intellectual satisfaction
Twenty-five years ago, young Iranian militants, including the current president, stormed the American Embassy in Tehran and took 70 Americans captive. They thus initiated a tradition of extra-territorial symbolic action violating all the constraints of international law and conducted with the most voluble self-righteousness the media can offer. This week, 200 men have have come to that same building in answer to the call of a "hardline group" (obviously one approved by the authorities who are therefore no less hardline) for volunteers.

The heart-warming bit
Self-sacrifice always inspires a greater faith in human nature, doesn't it? Makes you feel better about Others. Well, these Others have answered the call from the above-mentioned "hardline group" to be suicide bombers against British and American (that's us) interests. And against the Zionist Entity, as well.

So, this is all a sort of recruitment fair for the Iranian charitable sector, or NGOs (without the N). It's got some great posters, too.

Video here.

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