Friday, August 31, 2007

Whoops! We didn't mean to

At the moment on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Waqf, the Muslim authority with responsibility for the site, is digging a hole to carry a small pipe containing electrical cables. On one of the most valuable archeological sites in the world, they are using a large digger to do it.

You will remember the fuss they created about the carefully monitored Israeli work to build a new bridge to the Western Wall. According to the Arab press, that was a case of "Zionist thugs...finishing up the job of ethnic cleansing and eating up the remains of the Palestinian homeland". Here's a bigger sample of some of the language used.

Among many others, the Palestinian Chronicle asserted this:

This represents the heart of the Arab-Israeli conflict as Jews claim that their alleged Haykal (Temple of Solomon) exists underneath Al-Haram Al-Sharif.

Well, guess what. Gateway Pundit, who also has photos of the dig and the digger, reports that

Remains of the Jewish second temple may have been found during work to lay pipes at the Al-Aqsa mosque compound in east Jerusalem, Israeli television reported Thursday.

Israeli television broadcast footage of a mechanical digger at the site which Israeli archaeologists visited on Thursday.

Gaby Barkai, an archaeologist from Bar Ilan University, urged the Israeli government to stop the pipework after the discovery of what he said is "a massive seven metre-long wall."

It may not be Solomon's Temple, but I think it's time to get those angry masses on the streets again. A Jewish temple on the Noble Sanctuary? Uncovered by the Waqf. Zionist cunning knows no limits.

More on that seven metre-long wall

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