Thursday, August 02, 2007


The next time someone outrages you by making the accusation that the UN, far from bringing peace, often just elongates the war, remember Summer, 2006.

"The cease-fire acted as a life jacket for the organization [at the end of the Second Lebanon War]," a Hizbullah officer said in an interview aired by Channel 10 on Tuesday.

In the interview, the unnamed officer said Hizbullah gunmen would have surrendered if the fighting last summer had continued for another 10 days.

And remember how those nazifascist Israelis were targeting civilians?

The officer also said that many Hizbullah commanders were ordered to hide before the war started, and that the gunmen who remained were forced to fire Katyusha rockets from inside urban populations because of the IDF's efficiency in destroying launchers minutes after a launch had been detected.

He said that when the gunmen relocated to cities and villages, they knew innocent civilians would be hurt as a consequence.

But, of course, the Israelis didn't have to respond to rocket fire, did they?

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