Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Bruce Willis movie

The second part of Michael Yon's "Bread and a Circus" follows the food convoy to Baghdad and into a mire of bureaucracy. The American commander plays every card to clear the way. Why is it so important? Obviously, the people of Baqubah need food, but the real point is, as Kilkullen puts it, the narrative. They have to show to Iraqis that things can get done, that Shias (the bureaucrats in this case) and Sunnis (the people from Baqubah) can work together; that the constituted authorities (in this case, the mayor of Baqubah) have authority.

The final scene is

When the convoy finally arrived in Baqubah, the local media was there, along with Provincial leadership, and LTC Johnson gave full credit to the Mayor and other leaders right there in front of the Iraqi media. It was straight out of a Bruce Willis movie where Johnson saves the day, then watches from out of the spotlight as the Mayor and Governor get all the credit.

This is a great article (with photos and video) about good work.

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