Sunday, August 05, 2007

Saudi censorship (cont)

Mark Steyn is putting his future trips to the UK at risk. He writes here about the surrender of CUP to Khalid bin Mahfouz's libel suit. I posted a note about this on Thursday. Steyn reports some interesting back-story on the good Sheik's charity, Muwafaq (Blessed Relief).

Indeed, this "charity" seems to have no other purpose than to fund jihad. It seeds Islamism wherever it operates. In Chechnya, it helped transform a reasonably conventional nationalist struggle into an outpost of the jihad. In the Balkans, it played a key role in replacing a traditionally moderate Islam with a form of Mitteleuropean Wahhabism. Pick a Muwafaq branch office almost anywhere on the planet and you get an interesting glimpse of the typical Saudi charity worker. The former head of its mission in Zagreb, Croatia, for example, is a guy called Ayadi Chafiq bin Muhammad. Well, he's called that most of the time. But he has at least four aliases and residences in at least three nations (Germany, Austria and Belgium). He was named as a bin Laden financier by the U.S. government and disappeared from the United Kingdom shortly after 9/11.

Ninme suggests using the Internet, and indeed it may end up the best way of circumventing this type of thing.

If J. Millard Burr were smart, he’d put the thing on the internet. One of these self-publishing outfits where you pay your ten bucks and download a pdf. He’d make a killing. And then it would be passed around the rest of the world for free.

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