Monday, August 13, 2007

Michael Yon flashback

Michael Yon catches up on what he has seen in Iraq. This is an account of an operation earlier this year in Mosul. One run by the Iraqis.

To say there has been no political progress in Iraq in 2007 is patently absurd, completely wrong and dangerously dismissive of the significant changes and improvements happening all across Iraq. Whether or not Americans are seeing it on the nightly news or reading it in their local papers, Iraqis are actively writing their children’s history...

Today, the clout still is partially from the gun, and definitely the money is key, but there is an intangible and growing moral clout and it flows from an increasing respect among Iraqis for our military. Washington has no moral clout in Iraq. Washington looks like a circus act. The authority is coming from our military.

This seems to be the case with the Iraqis as well. At least the only example of significant improvements in the system there is that of the army. They seem to be earning more respect. His example of the Mayor of Baqubah is the only one featuring a politician. Obviously, he doesn't cover that side, but insofar as the military operation is successful, so does the political operation become more vital.

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