Monday, October 09, 2006

The voiceover man

At last. I have found the name of the guy who does the voiceovers of film trailers, the one with the deep, smokey voice that does action, zany comedy and lovin' 'n' carin' and always sounds like he's about to begin a session of coitus uninterruptus. His name is Don LaFontaine. It's not that I really wish ill upon him or his family in a deeply personal sense (I do realise it is just the use that he is put to), but couldn't he be asked to voiceover a bust of Mohammad, or do the commentary on Submission 2, and have a fatwa hurled at him and be hunted out of circulation by some local rent-a-jihadi?

I found this out thanks to Ninme who shows this ad, which, despite all the above, I quite liked.

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