Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Proudly on display

I don't remember exams like this.

This post from the forum at PLATO is about the 2006 Year 11 COS English Examination that was compiled by SWETA (South West English Teachers' Association) for West Australian schools.

My favourite, however, is Section One (Viewing). It requires students to respond to two photographs. One of these I would describe as being dangerously ambiguous in its sexual connotation. It shows a reclining male figure wearing only his red underpants which clearly outline what some might describe as a “swollen member proudly on display”. In the background is a television set and a young female (12 - 18 y.o.?) sitting at a dining table. She is looking away somewhat pensively, with legs apart. A dog looks hungrily at the member.
And from another post,
A very recent exchange at parent teacher meeting.

Parent: My child's done OK (I think) in 'Time, Continuity and Change', but she doesn't know what 'Time, Continuity and Change' is - neither do I. What is it? Is it Physics or some sort of Philosophy?

Teacher: No, it's 'History'.

Parent (surprised): Oh really! Then why don't they say so?

Teacher: Because somebody at the Curriculum Council got paid an enormous amount of money to change its name to 'Time, Continuity and Change'.

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