Thursday, October 05, 2006

Stoning or 100 lashes?

Under the headline "Stand Against Women Stoned to Death You Apathetic Monsters", Ali Eteraz appeals for help in the case of seven Iranian women who are about to be stoned to death for 'adultery'.

In another post, he explains the scriptural justification for this law and then makes a campaign pitch. Evidently, the Koran decrees a punishment of 100 lashes for this crime. It is only in a hadith that the stoning comes in, though most Muslim jurists maintain that the hadith abrogates the Koran. Ali Eteraz shows himself to be a true pragmatist because he takes the position that a campaign should be waged for the 100 lashes. While he acknowledges that the effect (death) would be the same, the idea is that this sentence would become the most severe and that campaigners could then concentrate on getting it reduced to zero lashes.

He writes very engagingly and not only knows his Islam, but knows other things too. Long may he prosper.

By-the-by, evidently Ahmedinejad's approval rating has sunk to Bush-like levels. What the significance of this may be, I have no idea. But it's the sort of thing you don't hear too often.

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