Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Welcome home

This has cheered me up immensely. The 4 Rifles paraded in Salisbury and lots of people to cheer them home. Michael Yon has the photos. That man does get around.


Riri said...

what's this new job then that is causing dullness of mind?

NoolaBeulah said...

It's actually a very good job. I am a thing called an Instructional Designer (No, I didn't know what it was until not long ago), which indicates a sort of hack who gets content from people who know stuff and puts it into a form so that it can be uploaded and educate other people about that stuff. The job came along at just the right time, when we were staring down that old familiar precipice called 'poverty'. The work is pleasant and so are the people, though mostly I do it at home. Lots of new programs and processes to learn, so that is some excuse for evening dullness.

I fear the main reason is just the time of year. Around Xmas I always want to curl up in a warm corner and day-dream, or read something escapist, or watch a thriller or a Fred Astaire film. The vital functions slow down, the tide goes out and, I'd like to be Robinson Crusoe strolling along the beach of his solitary kingdom.

Instead, I've the kids at home for 2 weeks. "Life is too much with us."

Riri said...

Oh it sounds great! Glad you got a new job! I know what you mean, festive times end up being so draining. But it's nice though to have everybody together once in a while. Merry Christmas!