Sunday, December 23, 2007


21 years after the first occasion, my wife and I managed to get away for 24 hours yesterday. Our bolt-hole was a tiny village on the western edge of the Yorkshire Dales called Austwick; more precisely, just over the single-lane, hump-back bridge that are the 'town gates', a hotel called the Austwick Traddock.

Austwick Traddock
A view through the fog of the 18th Century house that is now the hotel. The yew tree is probably the same age. Note the little staircase to the right of the house - 4 or 5 steps up to a landing, and then nothing. On Saturday evening, into this courtyard, about 50 people came a-wassailing, then repaired inside to recover from the winter chills. On the way back, we emerged from the fog momentarily to see this.

Pendle HillPendle Hill, famous for its witches and for George Fox, who had a vision of a Christian Commonwealth on its top.

As we travelled, we came near a very great hill, called Pendle Hill, and I was moved of the Lord to go up to the top of it; which I did with difficulty, it was so very steep and high. When I was come to the top, I saw the sea bordering upon Lancashire. From the top of this hill the Lord let me see in what places he had a great people to be gathered.
According to Wikipedia, the name Pendle Hill, is actually 3 words in 3 languages, Cumbric pen and Old English hyll, both of which mean the same as the Modern English word, hill.


Hazar Nesimi said...

Dear Paul - I have decided to visit your city to visit Uni there and sent an email to you about getting together for food - not sure whether you have received it, not sure it was a right one - I will be there from boxing day onwards. Please let me know.

NoolaBeulah said...

No, haven't received anything. I'll send you an email to your work address in the hope that you can pick it up.

Riri said...

Lovely pictures! English countryside gotta be among the best! it must be the best sign-posted that's for sure!

NoolaBeulah said...

Hazar, I received an autoreply from your account saying that you couldn't access your email.

So let's try this. Go to and register using your work email. I have shared a document with you with my phone numbers. I hope that, when you have registered and opened Zoho writer, you will able to access my document. The name of the document is your first name.

You can also find me in the phone book (can you remember my surname?)