Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stay smelling

The words of David Hicks, an Australian who converted to Islam, went to Afghanistan, got caught by the Americans and thrown into Guantánamo, had people in Australia marching for his release, was tried and admitted guilt, and is now in prison in Australia.

Dear family I spent around three months in a muslim military training camp in the mountains.I learnt about weapons such as ballistic missiles, surface to surface and shoulder fired missiles, anti aircraft and anti-tank rockets, rapid fire heavy and light machine guns, pistols, AK47s, mines and explosives. After three months everybody leaves capable and war-ready being able to use all of these weapons capably and responsibly.

Real jihad is possible just like before in the Prophets day where martyrs die with a smile on their faces and their bodies stay smelling of beautiful perfume for weeks after death.

One reward I get in being martyred I get to take ten members of my family to heaven who were destined for hell

But first I also must be martyred. We are all going to die one day so why not be martyred?

As a post script: If I do get martyred that is what I want. If Dad rings and says that, you know that your son is dead, say congratulations. Allah will help just let him know that you are happy about it.

The only true Muslims are those fighting.

The Jews have complete financial and media control
The Jesuits used to say, "Give me a child at 7, and he is mine forever." They could have had David Hicks at 14, 21 or 31 and achieved the same dominion. It's almost touching to read what idiocies he has managed to believe. Evidently, he gave up on Islam in Guantánamo (for which most Muslims must be truly grateful). Can't wait to see what he picks up next.

I should have known.

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Riri said...

Bloody hell! Poor chap!