Friday, September 29, 2006


Victor Davis Hanson

The West really is the world’s life raft, and that is why immigration—civilization’s precious barometer of men’s innermost thoughts—always flows from East to West, never vice versa.
The movement of people is surely an irrefutable argument for the destination and against the source. When the flow is of Amazonian proportions, there would seem to be little to argue about. But the educated mind is deceitful above all things.

Do you remember the "anti-fascist protection barrier", aka The Berlin Wall, with all of its defenses pointed east? Then there was the oppressive Roman Empire that would eventually sink under the weight of its barbarian immigrants. Without forgetting the million or so people who migrate to the United States every year, and the 1.4 million arriving in Europe. How many move in the opposite direction, towards Cuba, for instance, or the Middle East?

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