Friday, September 22, 2006

18 Doughty Street

18DoughtyStreet Talk TV will be "Britain’s first political Internet TV Channel".

At the heart of the station will be a website of blogs and daily votes. Comments left on the blogs will shape the content of the programmes. The daily votes will help determine which news stories headline every programme.

We’ll be talking about what’s really being discussed in the pubs and clubs, not what the metropolitan elite think ought to be discussed. We’ll be using our blogs to set our agenda, not focus groups.
I must confess I find this difficult to imagine, and the trailer's attempt at slick slogany presentation doesn't help in the least. I'm not sick to death of TV news; I don't watch television, and it is difficult to be fed up with something for which you feel only indifference. Nevertheless, 18 Doughty Street may be the start of something new. Blogs have already broken the grip on news-delivery of a generation inculcated with the prejudices and vices of the Left. The same should happen for TV and it is entirely fitting that it happen via the Web.

18 Doughty Street starts broadcasting for 4 hours a night, Monday to Thursday, on the 10th of October. Programmes will be streamed and then available for download.

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