Friday, July 20, 2007

My Drop of Water

This was written at school by No. 2 Son (11) and his friend, W. I have not changed or corrected anything.

My drop of water has been in a bucket carried by a slave going to his lawful master
And it has been trickling down the face of a warrior in Alexander's the Great's army
My drop of water has touched the face of a Roman centurion going into the senate
And it has dropped on the sale of the mighty Saxons boat
My drop of water has beeen stomped over by Joan of Ark's mighty cavalry in the heat of battle
It has touched a man dying in the trench in the First World War
And bounced off a samurai sword of the stealthy Japanese solders in the misty jungle in World War Two
My drop of water has aided a thirsty British soldier in the Iraq desert
My drop of water has been everywhere.

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