Wednesday, March 28, 2007


This is the first paragraph of Bill Roggio's Daily Report from Baghdad on the 27th.

Iraqi and Coalition forces have been pressing hard to dismantle al Qaeda's suicide and car bomb infrastructure in and around Baghdad. Over the past week, some success has been made in attacking the leadership of these networks. Three senior commanders of al Qaeda bomb-making cells have been captured. Since Saturday, there have been no major bombings inside Baghdad.
Further down he reports on the capture of 57 insurgents/al-Queda operatives and major arms caches, on the Anbar Salvation Council and the possible cease-fire being arranged with several factions in West Baghdad.

He doesn't ignore the terrorist attacks and today has an article on the Tal Afar revenge killings, reportedly carried out by members of the police force. He concludes
Obviously, if the allegations as initially reported are true, al Qaeda was very successful in causing the security forces backlash and the resultant negative effects. If the report is inaccurate – if this was a small element of the police, or perhaps from police assigned from outside Tal Afar, or the actions of a local militia - al Qaeda still received an incredible propaganda victory.
I've listened to 2 or 3 hours of BBC Radio 4 today and have heard only one of these stories.

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