Wednesday, March 07, 2007

News from Iraq

Have a look at this 'dispatch' by Michael Yon, not because there are any revelations but because it gives a taste of living inside a dirty war.

Omar Fadhil (from Iraq the Model) describes the relative 'peace' of Baghdad, where the Mehdi Army is not shooting back but using another tactic: rumour.

The latest of these rumors was a ridiculous one I heard yesterday from a taxi driver from Sadr city. His story, quite similar to one told by a Sadr city council member, is that US soldiers are raiding Shia homes, arresting innocent civilians, and then dumping them at night near strongholds of Sunni insurgents, blindfolded and handcuffed so that the insurgents would find them defenseless and slaughter them!
Bill Roggio's daily report is here. He highlights some quality control issues for the insurgents.
Four terrorists were killed in Sadr al-Yusufiyah while planting an IED. Two more insurgents were killed in Mosul and their bomb factory destroyed. One insurgent was killed and two wounded while they attempted to access their weapons cache in Tikrit.

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