Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's war (again)

'A war economy is needed' to reduce global warming emissions, according to the EU's environment chief [Stavros Dimas] who said new measures will be tabled 'shortly' to tackle car pollution and expand the carbon trading system.
That is ominous. War economy, huh? Run from above under the benevolent and enlightened guidance of the EUtopians of Brussels. Just the sort of hysteria they have been waiting for. At last, they can galvanise the lethargic EUropeans into EUropean action to Save the Planet (and tell them what to do, how to live and how to think correctly about the environment, etc).
"Damaged economies, refugees, political instability, and the loss of life are typically the results of war. But they will also be the results of unchecked climate change," Dimas said.

"It is clear that the fight against climate change is much more than a battle. It is a world war that will last for many years."
Another world war? But no, this is a EUro war, much more about stifling than killing, shrinking rather than growing, more aimed at EUropeans than anyone else (the Enemy is Within).

EUrope doesn't come too well out of world wars. All it does is put a bit of fire into other people's economies (the American, Chinese, Indian).

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