Friday, January 12, 2007

I ram what I ram

And, if that happens, at what point will a woman's right to choose intersect with a farmer's right to ewes?
I saw that quote pop up on my Netvines page and knew it had to be Mark Steyn. As usual, very funny and serious at the same time.

A sample
As they sing in the first act finale of ''La Cage Aux Folles'':

Life's not worth a damn
Till you can say, hey, world
I ram what I ram.

Meanwhile, Udo Schuklenk, professor of Bioethics at Glasgow Caledonian University, has warned that this research "brings the terrible possibility of exploitation by homophobic societies. Imagine this technology in the hands of Iran, for example. It is typical of the U.S. to ignore the global context in which this is taking place."

Nobody in Scotland seems to be spending much time imagining, say, nuclear technology in the hands of Iran, but in Glasgow they're up in arms about the mullahs getting sheep-straightening technology. If President Bush is looking for a casus belli against Tehran, the gay-ram angle may be the best shot at bringing the EU on board. "E U," by the way, is the abbreviation for "European Union" and not what a gay ram says in distaste when the lady sheep come strolling by en route to the dip.
(via Pajamas Media)

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