Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The Confederate Yankee, Bob Owens, has been doing the work that AP have been unable to do. He been finding corroboration for the stories of Jamil Hussein. Or rather, he hasn't been finding corroboration for the stories of Jamil Hussein, but he has been looking.

In eight hours over three days last week, I tracked down online examples of the first 40 of 61 Associated Press stories citing Jamil Hussein, as replicated in news outlets and even official government press offices around the world...

Put bluntly, a search for other news agency accounts of the events described by Jamil Hussein seems to indicate that most of these events simply do not exist anywhere else except in AP reporting. I was completely unable to find a definitive corroborating account of any of Jamil Hussein's accounts, anywhere.
But the Blogoshere trumps us all.

(via PJM)

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