Monday, December 18, 2006

Plus ça change

When people blather about ending American, or Western hegemony, they always leave it to be inferred that what will follow will be equality and justice between the nations. Harmony, Confucianistically speaking. Why this should happen, I have no idea. What will happen is that hegemony will pass to others, such as a China agressively selling its model of authoritarian development. In a nice non-imperialistic way, of course.

Internationally, 'harmony' is supposed to mean the opposite of Bush-style unilateralism. But it is just rhetoric. Beijing is aggressively trying to subjugate Burma, Laos and other client states, and its behaviour in Sudan is certainly not Confucianist, only creating 'harmony' for the murderous dictators there.
Harmony is a musical term and has little relevance outside music. The analogous political term is 'domination', accepted or otherwise.


wodge said...

Oh dear, perhaps we can get them all hooked on smack, again.

Seriously though, why would anyone that dislikes or campaigns against US/Western puppet regimes be anymore in favour of Chinese ones?

NoolaBeulah said...

That was, partly, my point. A world without American hegemony would not be a world of equality and justice. First it would be chaos, and then it would be the next hegemon, which, as things stand today, would probably be China. Not a prospect I savour.