Sunday, January 22, 2006

Muslim fear of the female

This is one of those charges that most non-Muslims believe immediately, so self-evident does it seem. I hesitate before passing it on because of a feeling of hitting beneath the belt (pun intended), and because there's no way anyone could quantify or disprove it. Yet it explains so much, and as a force is so primitive and unmalleable that it is far beyond the reach of any policy or act of government. It will take generations of change.
In any case, Salman Rushdie speaking about his new book. Reported by Yahoo News quoting Stern magazine.

Rushdie told German weekly magazine Stern that his latest novel, "Shalimar the Clown", dealt with the deep anxiety felt among many Islamic men about female sexual freedom and lost honor.
When asked if the book drew a link between "Islamic terror and damaged male honor", Rushdie said he saw it as a crucial, and often overlooked, point... "It has a lot to do with sexual fear of women."
Theodore Dalrymple has not overlooked it.
Young Muslim men in Britain—as in France and elsewhere in the West—have a problem of personal, cultural, and national identity...Their tastes are for the most part those of non-Muslim lower-class young men...However similar young Muslim men might be in their tastes to young white men, they would be horrified, and indeed turn extremely violent, if their sisters comported themselves as young white women do. They satisfy their sexual needs with prostitutes and those whom they quite openly call “white sluts.” (Many a young white female patient of mine has described being taunted in this fashion as she walked through a street inhabited by Muslims.) And, of course, they do not have to suffer much sexual frustration in an environment where people decide on sexual liaisons within seconds of acquaintance.

However secular the tastes of the young Muslim men, they strongly wish to maintain the male dominance they have inherited from their parents. A sister who has the temerity to choose a boyfriend for herself, or who even expresses a desire for an independent social life, is likely to suffer a beating, followed by surveillance of Stasi-like thoroughness. The young men instinctively understand that their inherited system of male domination—which provides them, by means of forced marriage, with sexual gratification at home while simultaneously freeing them from domestic chores and allowing them to live completely Westernized lives outside the home, including further sexual adventures into which their wives cannot inquire—is strong but brittle, rather as communism was: it is an all or nothing phenomenon, and every breach must meet swift punishment.
His point is that these young men, unlike their white counterparts, have at their disposal a millennial creed with which to fill that emptiness. When the contradictions between that strictures of their belief and the West-dependency of their lifestyle become too painful, there is a short, sharp cure.
(via Tim Blair)

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