Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Iran's Nukes, Europe's Follies

As things stand, all those concerned in this carnival of absurdities have reason to be happy: the Europeans get rid of the hot potato, the Bush administration finds a diplomatic fig-leaf to cover its lack of an Iran policy, the Russians sell their arms, the Chinese get their oil and gas and the Islamists in Tehran accelerate whatever mischief they might be up to in the nuclear domain.

Amir Tahiri .

No. There's no reason to be happy, so stop it right now. Everyone is not happy (except, maybe, certain Iranians). It is not a cheery article. The Europeans he refers to include our very own Ministers of State. The Iran thing bothers me much more than other such kerfuffles, and I'm not completely sure why. My congenital 'she'll be awright, mate' seems to have been undermined somehow, somewhere, and I don't even know which bugger to blame.

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