Friday, November 16, 2007

Al-Dura - raw, but edited

The raw footage just got shorter. 27 minutes down to 18 and it still doesn't add up. But Charles Enderlin turned up, and that's a first.

If all that is meaningless to you, go to Nidra Poller's article at PJM or Richard Landes' piece at Augean Stables

[“Charles is above all proud. If you want him to admit error, you’re asking him to put a bullet to his head and pull the trigger. Forget it. He would sooner die that admit error, and Arlette Chabot will defend him, not because he’s right, but because he’s her employee and her organization’s reputation is at stake. If France2 loses this case every journalist will have to fear having his work questioned.”]

or Melanie Phillips at The Spectator.

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