Thursday, October 18, 2007

Under the river and over the hills

Aaron Klein is an orthodox Jew and a journalist on World Net Daily. Here he is talking to Ahmed, a 23-year old Palestinian man who volunteered to become a suicide bomber for the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization.

Klein: [A] lot of academics in the United States and many of my colleagues in the media claim Palestinians become suicide bombers because they are poor and desperate and because of so-called Israeli occupation. Are you telling me these are not the reasons you want to blow yourself up amongst Israelis?

AHMED: The will to sacrifice myself for Allah is the first and most major reason. It is true that the Zionists are occupying our lands and that it is our religious duty to fight them, including through suicide attacks. The goal is not the killing of the Jews, but that this is the way to reach Allah.

The goal is satisfying Allah and his instructions. No money interests, nothing. No brainwash, no pressure; it is my decision. All the other lies are pathetic Israeli propaganda.

In quoting this, I'm not making any claims at all about the political and economic realities on the West Bank. The question is this: are those realities enough to turn someone into a suicide bomber?

I can believe they are enough to get someone to protest, to commit crimes, to pick up a gun, or a stone. That is the same everywhere and for everyone. But to choose to end your own life by ending the lives of others is different; it comes from some other place, under the river and over the hills, someplace I ain't never been.

It is probable that the establishment of a Palestinian state would keep many young people from exploring that other place. Yet it would still be there; it would still draw acolytes. Personally, I don't know how we can remove the possibility of that choice.

Read all of the interview. Ahmed is quite articulate (and, yes, he thinks he's going to get the 72 virgins). 

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Hazar Nesimi said...

If this is a true interview it represents Typical Salafi Jihadi thinking. They are unflinching in fanaticism and their assuredness that they will go to heaven for killing themselves and innocent human being. In Islam one of the Greatest sin is arrogance and they are so full of it. Unbelievably full of it. They are not full of hatred. They have no feelings whatsoever, like automatons - i know some of Salafis like that, they have this absent minded look in their eyes. They are also not particularly devout, or at least as I found out, they only read stupid pamphlets promoting Jihad. You are right - this plague appeared in land of Palestine because of the occupation by Israel and plight of Palestinians, but it supercedes that now. Salafi Jihadis are not interested in Palestinian state or life of Palestinians. They are interested in killing "infidels" and other Muslims wherever and whenever.