Friday, October 05, 2007

Monopoly on good sense unjustly held by others

I find his vehement atheism rather silly, but the fact that Richard Dawkins says things like this below makes me wonder just how much superstition this much-vaunted rationalist carries about with him.

When you think about how fantastically successful the Jewish lobby has been, though, in fact, they are less numerous I am told - religious Jews anyway - than atheists and [yet they] more or less monopolise American foreign policy as far as many people can see. So if atheists could achieve a small fraction of that influence, the world would be a better place.

Presumably, the Jews are able to do this because they can call on God to do some interior lobbying in the dead of night. Or do they use the Kaballah? Is there such a thing as Jewish witchcraft?

Oh, and he's also made that essential PR move of identifying atheists as Victims.

Atheists in the US "have been downtrodden for a very long time. So I think some sort of political organisation is what they need", he said.

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Hazar Nesimi said...

Dawkins and Co political organization is called Brights.
Great name, so I am a Dim...

wodge said...

It's getting hard to keep track of who is considered an anti-semite and what actions constitute anti-semitism.

I guess now we can add Richard Dawkins to the first list, right after Desmond Tutu.

And "stating the bleeding obvious" to the second.

AIPAC is one of the most, if not the most, successful lobby groups in the US. If you're in any doubt about that all you need to do is look at the roll call of attendees to there annual shindig.

Oh, and, by the way when are you going post something comdemning this anti-semite.

NoolaBeulah said...

I didn't say anything about anti-semetism. I was just amazed that someone as clever as he is can take the conspiracy line that one group can have such an influence on a country as large and complex as the US.

Ann Coulter I have always avoided. I have never read her stuff because the impression I have got from glimpses is that she's a vulgar attention-seeker. I don't like writers that always have the same Baddies.