Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pack kill

I haven't followed the Wolfowitz affair and do not know the details, but have had the impression from the start that this was a manhunt and, from the gleeful baying from the media hounds, that the pack had the scent of blood in their nostrils. It seems that they will bring down their man. And the woman, too.

Christopher Hitchens writes in defence of Shaha Riza.

I sat and thought for quite a while today and decided that this is the nastiest and dirtiest and cheapest campaign of character assassination I have ever seen. Yet almost everyone in my so-called profession seems to regard it with a smirk or as a feather in the cap. Good grief. If it succeeds in ruining two careers and poisoning two lives, I do so much hope that it makes the perpetrators—bankers and reporters working as a team—deliriously happy.

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