Monday, May 14, 2007

The good fight

Read Michael Yon on General Petreus' message to his troops (Don't give way to the dark side). There was a soldier talking on PM this evening about how hard it is not to hate all Iraqis when a bomb planted in view of all the houses around kills a fellow soldier. He knew it was counter-productive and he didn't allow himself to indulge in it hard as it is. The BBC reporter included another interview with a 20-year-old who was not able to hold back the hate. However, the reporter did not quote, or even mention this letter from Petreus about this very point.

Michael Yon does and even provides a link to a pdf copy. Yon points out that the discipline to maintain any sort of standards in that situation must come from rock-solid leadership and be constantly on display. Petreus is an example. Yon has witnessed others in the field.

The interrogation methods that Petreus mentions are in use in this story from the Atlantic Monthly about the hunt for al-Zarqawi.

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