Thursday, February 22, 2007

Insurgent fractures

A very interesting post by Bill Roggio about splits within the Sunni insurgency. Mishan al-Jabouri, the owner of al-Zawraa, or Muj TV, assumed until now to be the propaganda arm of al-Queda in Iraq, has broadcast a fierce attack on them. Bill summarises the main points.

It struck me that, to judge from these criticism, al-Jabouri sees al-Queda as a merely destructive force without any vision of an even putatively viable state to fight for. He says

Al-Qaeda in Iraq has divided the Iraqi people...[and has] "broken the back of national unity in Iraq and they resulted in bringing great suffering upon Iraqis".

The Islamic State of Iraq has no system of law or justice. "Is this the State you want to establish? To kill people without an accusation, or investigation, without a judge or nothing.

"Al-Qaeda in Iraq is intentionally targeting members of the Iraqi Army and police forces, who al-Jabouri and other insurgents believe are acting in the best interest of Iraqis. [This one doesn't bode well for the Iraqi army that we are trying to train.]

The goal of the Islamic State of Iraq is to serve as a stepping stone to attack other nations, which endangers the Iraqi people
At a certain point they'll figure out that the best way to get the Americans and British out is to pacify and stabilise the country.

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