Monday, November 27, 2006

John Sentamu

Lapsed Catholic that I am by nature, if not by nurture, and therefore occasionally contemptuous of the Church of England, especially in these times, I cannot help wishing for the success of an Anglican cleric who says things like this.

“Christianity is the very soil of this place. Look at what you did in the past, remember what you did.”
His campaign against political correctness has addressed the shame so many educated English people feel for their culture, history and religion. He experienced no such feelings as a boy in Africa, listening to the Queen’s coronation on the radio. His family always checked their purchases for a “Made in Britain” stamp. Indeed, he has called for a proper celebration of St George’s Day.
John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, brought up in Imperial Uganda to love Queen and country and seemingly uncorrupted by the flabby thinking that undoes so many of his fellows, including his leader. We need more like him; I'd bet that such people are far more likely to come from some of Her Majesty's more humble ex-possessions than from Blighty.

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