Friday, November 10, 2006

Don't react. Be mellow.

A sense of unreality invades my wan spirit and gradually, inexorably overcomes it. The BBC. Our BBC.

And all Palestinians would argue that Israel grossly over-reacts to the missile attacks from Gaza.

The crudely made rockets often cause panic and minor injury, but they very rarely kill.
Israel, don't worry. Yes, they are trying to kill you. They haven't managed yet only because they are socially and technically incompetent. But the Russians will help them out. Until then, why do you get so upset? It's so unreasonable.

(via Honest Reporting)


wodge said...

There's another interesting quote from that article below:

... But in Beit Hanoun they will argue that much of the rocket fire has nothing to do with people from the town. They are just unlucky enough to live in the zone that militants use to launch their attacks.

Mahmoud, the father of 12 from Beit Hanoun, said that any ordinary person trying to stop a rocket being fired would risk being shot - accused of collaborating with the Israeli enemy.

NoolaBeulah said...

So, the situation if you are not a 'militant' is this:
1. You must not stop, hinder or inform on a militant. Consequence of disobedience: death.
2. If called upon by militants, you must put yourself between the Israelis and the abovementioned militants. Consequence of disobedience: death. Consequence of obedience: death and glory (ie. use in a media campaign to show the Israelis as killers of women and children), or glory (ie use in a media campaign to show the immoveable spirit of resistence of the Palestinians, but not under any circumstances the relative decency of the Israelis who did not shoot)
3. If the militants are using your town/building as cover and you are killed in the crossfire. Consequence: glory (ie use in a media campaign to show the Israelis as killers of women and children and further justification for the militants to do the same thing again)

To conclude
For the militants: Win - Win - Win.
For the non-militants: death or glory or even both.

If nothing else, it's all very tidy.