Saturday, July 22, 2006

This Ongoing War

There's an excellent post by brownie over at Harry's which, among other things, introduces an Israeli blog. It's called This Ongoing War, and it's run by Frimet and Arnold Roth, who lost their daughter, Malki (aged 15), at the Sbarro restaurant massacre in August, 2001. They write, they say, to counter

the dangerously inaccurate, partial, and agenda-driven journalism that explains to the world the events that are happening in Israel, particularly in relation to the ongoing war waged by Palestinian Arab society against Israelis.
In their latest post (but read the previous one as well), they display two photos. This is one.

This is what is put inside the Katyusha missiles that are falling on Haifa as I write. Why? What military purpose do they serve? Well, for one
They're especially good at killing children like 7 year-old Omer Pesachov and his grandmother. They have minimal impact on armored military equipment.
The Roths conclude
Keep these handy for when your local newspaper or media analysts say this war is all about kidnappings of Israeli soldiers and Israel's massive, disproportionate over-reaction.
May I refer you back to that letter signed by those four luminaries of the Western intellectual skyscape? Can you wonder that such people end up with the moral authority of a ball bearing?

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