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Further to yesterday's post. This is from an article by Youssef Ibrahim in the New York Sun.

Israel is finding, to its surprise, that a vast, not-so-silent majority of Arabs agrees that enough is enough.
Enough of what? Israel? Nope. Hezbollah (and Iran and Syria).
The Arab League put it succinctly in its final communique in Cairo, declaring that "behavior undertaken by some groups [read: Hezbollah and Hamas] in apparent safeguarding of Arab interests does in fact harm those interests, allowing Israel and other parties from outside the Arab world [read: Iran] to wreck havoc with the security and safety of all Arab countries."
Then the voice of Abdul Rahman al-Rashed, the general manager of Al-Arabiya.
"We have lost most of our causes and the largest portions of our lands following fiery speeches and empty promises of struggle coupled with hallucinating, drug-induced political fantasies." As for joining Hezbollah in its quest, his answer was basically, "you broke it, you own it."
Drug-induced political fantasies? They take drugs?

The Israeli online newspaper ynetnews reports that the backers of Hizbullah are determined to stand behind their boys.
The Qatar-based newspaper Al-Watan reported Wednesday that Syria and Iran will cooperate with each other in order to prevent the dissolution of Hizbullah and to preserve its struggle with Israel.

According to credible Syrian sources, the newspaper reported, there is an agreement between Damascus and Tehran stating the prevention of either military or political defeat of Hizbullah as paramount, creating a joint Syrian-Iranian stance based on the clear vision that any defeat of Hizbullah is a red line for the both countries.

Damascus and Tehran are closely following the developments in Lebanon and are prepared to get involved, if needed, to protect Hizbullah or to prevent the imposition of “suspicious” political agreements or conditions on them.
Where do you think this comes from?
LEBANON is under attack from Israel. Its economic infrastructure is being destroyed. Lebanese politicians cannot hide their feelings because Hassan Nasrallah has done some grave miscalculations under instructions from the outside. Nasrallah has dragged Lebanon and its people into misfortune. In spite of the destruction caused by Israel, Lebanese politicians don’t want to be frank with their people and tell them that they should not support Nasrallah’s decision to declare war on Israel. Nasrallah has hijacked the authority of the Lebanese government to have control over the people of Lebanon while Lebanese politicians continue to remain mute spectators without voicing their true feelings.

The fate of the Lebanese is in the hands of a handful of reckless adventurers, who have prevented Arabs from making well-judged decisions.
That was written by Ahmed Al-Jarallah, the Editor-in-Chief of The Arab Times. I am beginning to think that the analysts at Debkafile were on to something.

Via Dinocrat and JihadWatch.

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