Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Unto them, 4 chicks

This peregrine falcon, which resides in Harrisburg, PA, is sitting on four chicks born 3-4 hours ago. There's still one egg intact, but since it was not laid until 10 days after the others, don't wait up for its occupant to make its egress. There's a mate around somewhere presumably gathering stuff to fill four gaping beaks.

My wife has been watching this for 3 weeks now. At 7 o'clock this evening, while I was in high-level discussions at a pub in Didsbury, I received a phone call. Wife: Son Number 3 has something to tell you. Son Number 3: Two eggs have cracked! Two eggs have cracked! And the babies are out! There are two of them! About an hour later, delicate deal delivered, another call. Wife: The third one's out! Gotta go!

Be part of it.

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