Sunday, March 26, 2006

The law is an ass

Movement in Afghanistan? The Pope's been writing, too.

An Afghan official, who was part of the President's meetings, said the matter had become a "serious crisis" and Mr Karzai was "very upset".

There could well be a solution that would see Mr Rahman walk free by today, the official said.
On the other hand,
... the Supreme Court judge handling the case, Ansarullah Mawlawizada, insisted the court would not be influenced.

"We have nothing to do with diplomatic issues," the Afghan judge said. "We'll do our job independently."
Now, as someone who believes in the separation of executive power and the judiciary, I find it hard to disagree with the judge. He is right. So is Karzai. It is the law (called, by some, Sharia) that is the ass.

Update (18:18)
An Afghan man who has been charged with converting from Islam to Christianity is to be freed while his case is reviewed. Earlier today, a judge in Kabul dismissed the prosecution because of doubts over his mental state. Officials say the man, Abdul Rahman, will be released from custody soon.

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