Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What could it be that moves them?

Another boycott of Israel.

The NUJ has not passed any motion to boycott China, where there are hundreds of political prisoners. Nor has it picked on North Korea, a totalitarian state in which millions of people have been deprived of the bare necessities of life. The same could be said of Burma. I do not believe that the NUJ has puffed itself in indignation against Saudi Arabia, an autocratic state where women do not enjoy rights that are taken for granted in Israel.

Whatever criticisms can be justly made of Israel, it is a functioning democracy with a free Press and a robust tradition of free speech. Even if one takes the harshest view of its treatment of Palestinians, it is not to be compared with the genocidal policies of countries such as North Korea and Zimbabwe, against which the NUJ has applied no boycotts.

So, why Israel as opposed to the dozens, scores of worthier targets? Could it be something beyond politics? It is certainly beyond logic or reason. It must come from somewhere deeper. Any ideas?

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wodge said...

You know if you want to be considered an expert on Zionists affairs it might help if you learnt the correct spelling of anti-semitism.

NoolaBeulah said...

I can claim no credit for expertise in Zionism, or much else for that matter. But nor can I claim credit for that spelling. It is a variant, though far less common than anti-semitism. I suppose it is built on the adjective 'anti-semitic'. But it's strange that I should have used it becuase I never say it like that.