Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Jidadists are doomed!

"I hate f__ terrorists!".

This from Son No 1 (aged 21) surprised me for its vehemence. He is not given to pronouncing on the greater questions (save the existence of aliens). Dutifully, I enquired further.

"There's no weed. You can't find a shred. No-one's got any. They've started doing their searches seriously and you can't get any into the country. Everyone's going crazy. And they all hate the f__ terrorists."

(I have suppressed certain modifiers.) This could be the turning point. Thanks to the law of unintended consequences, the Jihadists have brought about a shortage of weed that is warping minds and enraging scallies across the land. There's no telling where it may end.

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