Thursday, February 23, 2006


In this article in The Telegraph, Patrick Sookhdeo talks about the British government's capitulation to Islamic violence, or the threat of it.

For the past two weeks, Patrick Sookhdeo has been canvassing the opinions of Muslim clerics in Britain on the row over the cartoons...

"They think they have won the debate," he says with a sigh. "They believe that the British Government has capitulated to them, because it feared the consequences if it did not. It's confirmation of what they believe to be a familiar pattern: if spokesmen for British Muslims threaten what they call 'adverse consequences' - violence to the rest of us - then the British Government will cave in."
He goes on. While keen to promote anti-hate legislation to protect Muslims in this country, the government, following a hallowed intellectual tradition, enforces this policy only with regard to Anglo-Saxon incitement. The guiding principle is: only whites can be racist.
"...there is a book, The Noble Koran: a New Rendering of its Meaning in English, which is openly available in Muslim bookshops. It calls for the killing of Jews and Christians, and it sets out a strategy for killing the infidels and for warfare against them. The Government has done nothing whatever to interfere with the sale of that book.

Why not? Government ministers have promised to punish religious hatred, to criminalise the glorification of terrorism, yet they do nothing about this book, which blatantly does both."
He also goes into the non-integration strategy of the Islamic Council of Europe. Scott Burgess deals with this very well and does some number crunching on population statistics to see how this strategy might play out in the next few decades.

Update (13.3.06): The link is to The Telegraph above now takes you to a page empty except for the words, 'This article has been removed for legal reasons'. I don't know what those reasons are. The article is available here.

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